abogada Nicole Damha

Nicole began her studies at the University of Costa Rica in 2010 and finished them in 2016, with the defense of her thesis entitled “The impact of the prohibition of dismissal for discrimination included in the Labor Procedural Reform (file 19,891) on the freedom to terminate working relationships in the private sector contemplated in the current legislation, from a normative, doctrinal and jurisprudential analysis”

She developed her passion for Criminal Law since university, and subsequently provided legal assistance services in a law firm specialized in Criminal Law, where she was able to apply her knowledge and reaffirm her inclination for this branch of Law.

Subsequently, Nicole worked in Legal Collection Proceedings in an important firm, where she developed skills for customer service. She also worked in a firm where she acquired experience in Notarial and Registry Law, and where she also got involved in Commercial and Corporate Law matters.

In march 2017 she joined BG&A Attorneys, where she joined the Judicial Collection Department. However, due to her high performance, she has been growing in different areas of specialization, currently being part of the Department of Labor Law, the Department of Educational Law, and the Department of Criminal Law, reflecting excellent results.

Incorporated to the Costa Rican Bar in May 2018.

In 2019 she completed the specialization of “Obtaining, interpreting and assessing the evidence” at the University of Salamanca.

She currently works in the areas of Labor Law mainly, as well as Educational Law and Criminal Law.


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  • Labor Law
  • Educational Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Collection
  • 2019, University of Salamanca, Spain. Specialized in Obtaining, interpreting and assessing the evidence.
  • 2017, Universidad de Costa Rica. Licenciatura en Derecho
  • 2015, Universidad de Costa Rica. Bachillerato en Derecho