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Conflict Resolution and Litigation in Costa Rica

Conflict Resolution and Litigation in Costa Rica

Prevention of conflicts is one of the best ways to protect our client’s rights in Costa Rica. That is why at BG&A, we conduct legal audits to establish protocols that reduce the risk of unnecessary lawsuits. These audits allow us to identify and resolve problems before they become conflicts.

However, when it is impossible to solve the problem through mediation and negotiation techniques, we have expert and experienced litigators to defend our client’s rights.

Litigation is an art that requires professionals with special skills, technical and updated knowledge, common sense and strategy. At BG&A Abogados, we have a team of highly recognized litigators for their experience and the high success rate of the judicial and arbitration processes they represent at a national and international level.

Our litigators are committed to defending our client’s rights and work to ensure the success of the lawsuit or claim, whether in administrative proceedings or before the courts of justice. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a litigator to defend your case. We are committed to protecting your rights and interests and are ready to help you.

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